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Letter folding machines can be one of the most useful pieces of equipment in your office.

If you send a lot of mail to your clients, customers or prospects, stop and ask yourself how much time could be saved if you had a machine that would fold your letters and insert them into envelopes for you.

This is the convenience that a letter folding machine offers you.

Letter folding machines are more versatile than they might at first appear. You can not only fold a basic letter into an envelope, but also create a wide variety of customizable folds using a wide variety of paper types and weights.

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In addition to their simple utility, letter folding machines can also be a real cost-saver for a business.

You can read more about the exact cost of the machines on our price page, but the price of a letter folding machine that can last you years pales in comparison to the wages that most companies would pay an employee to fold and stuff a comparable number of letters.

By automating the process, you streamline the entire mail-room and leave your employees free to focus on more important tasks that can’t be taken care of by a machine.

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Letter folding machines are not a one-size fits all piece of equipment. When you peruse our knowledge and types pages you’re going to learn more about:

neopost-letter inserter

  • The two main types of letter folding technology: roller and air feed
  • How to determine which paper folder will meet your monthly volume requirements
  • How to decide on a machine that will fold the type of paper in the fashion that you want
  • Who the leading manufacturers are in the industry, and what they can offer you

Whether you are buying or renting, ultimately, an office that still relies on the power of direct mailings to their customers is missing out if they don’t include a letter folding machine in their arsenal.

Higher-end models also include tracking data so you can be sure of how many letters you’ve folded in a certain amount of time, allowing you to always track the productivity of your mailing department.

Your employees are going to be freed up to focus on more important duties, and you’ll be able to maintain direct mail contact with your existing or potential client base with less effort and cost than ever before.

With prices that range from a few hundred to several thousand dollars, there are folding machines to fit every operation size, and every budget available.