How Much Does a Paper Folder Cost?

Letter folding machines range from $175 to $10,000, and how much you pay will largely depend on how you intend to use your equipment. The below are examples to guide you in your purchasing decision. Discover what your cost will be or click below to request specific pricing.

Average Pricing of Paper Folders

The cost of a letter folder and inserter can land anywhere on a very large spectrum. Entry level machines might cost as little as $175, while those used in commercial printing facilities can cost well over $10,000. So, as you can imagine, providing a useful price range is difficult. Instead, let’s look at what types of machines with specific features fall in various parts of the pricing spectrum.

Entry Level Paper Folders (small jobs 50 – 1,000 pieces/day)

Entry level machines typically cost $400 or less, and are designed to fulfill the most basic tasks for a small business. These machines sit neatly on top of a desk like a printer or scanner unit, and are usually only designed to handle very basic tasks. Also, be aware that these machines typically only work with standard weight and size paper. However, if you only need to handle a handful of letters each month, these are probably going to meet your needs.


Moderate Volume Letter Folding Machines (medium jobs of 2,000 – 5,000 letters/day)

These machines still use a roller system to feed letters but can come with duty cycles as high as 20,000. You can also expect to find more options for folding your letters and may have some more flexibility in terms of paper, although the roller system still prevents you from using glossy papers. Expect to pay as little as $500 and $2,500 for a paper folding machine in this range.

High-Volume Roller Machines and Inserters

Once you start paying closer to the $2000+ mark, you can expect to see a lot more functionality from your letter folding machine. You will have several options in terms of customizing your folds, and should also have more flexibility in terms of the paper that you use. Monthly duty cycles on these machines can be as high as 100,000 or even slightly more, so these tend to be used by large companies that are looking to do mass mailings every month.

If you pay at the high end of the high-volume category, closer to $4,500, you will be able to get an automatic folding machine that is designed to move much faster and to make the setup of complex operations much simpler. These machines are more expensive, but for companies looking to save time they have a great feature set.

Air-Feeding Machines

Regardless of the production capacity, air-feeding machines typically cost $5000 or more. They have a much more complex mechanical structure, but because there is no physical contact during the paper feed process, the machines last much longer and are able to work with a much wider variety of paper types, including those with high-gloss finishes.

Commercial Letter Folding Machines w/ Insetting, and Printing

Of course, machines that cost over $10,000 are also available. These are for commercial printing houses that need to make millions of folds every month.

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