Envelope Stuffing Machines

Envelope Stuffing Machine

Save Time and Money with Envelope Stuffing Machines

Stuffing envelops is not a fun task, and can take a while if you have a lot to do. That’s why your business should invest in quality envelope stuffing machines.

Get the best price on new purchase or used envelope stuffing machine rentals. Mountains of letters lay before you. You have to canvas the whole city with your news. But before you can do that these letters need to be folded and stuffed into the envelopes to your right.

Get the best features and compare pricing from world leading designers and manufacturer of envelope stuffing machines for small, medium, and large businesses. Have your documents quickly and  automatically folded and inserted into an envelope and sealed.

An enveloper stuffing machine will save you in time and money. Get a fee quote and discover for yourself how it works.

Buy or Rent Envelope Inserter Machines To Save Time & Money

Paper older inserter machines for envelope inserting, desktop models to high capacity! Streamline your mail and spend far less time stuffing envelopes with a fast and simple-to-use envelope stuffing sysolution.

Quickly fold and insert business document sand letters  into envelopes by using an manual or automatic envelopestuffing machines from top suppliers like NeoPost, Martin Yale, and Pitney Bowes. This kind of office equipment, also known as paper inserting machines, is automated and saves office managers lots of time and money by completely automating a process that takes countless hours to do if done manually.

Does you business need to insert high volumes of letters into envelopes in a limited amount of time? A letter folder inserter may be the perfect solution for your office. These office machines flawlessly fold and insert documents into envelopes of all sizes. We’re here to help you get to best price with robust features on things like:

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What Kind Of Envelope Stuffing Machines Are There in the Market?

There are two kinds of letter folding and envelope stuffing machines: Rollers and air feed machines.

Entry level and moderate volume letter folding roller machines can process anything from 50-5000 letters a day. And a high volume roller machine can work through more.

Air-feeding machines last much longer and work on a wider array of paper types. And they don’t mar high-gloss finishes like the roller machines can.

The difference between the two types comes down to price for most businesses.

If you want to stuff envelopes in counts of 2000 or more, you will have to pay at least $500 for the machine. That’s for a roller machine!

A high volume roller machine will cost you upwards of $2000 or more.

You should consider air-feeding machines to be premium. They cost $5000 or more.

These are of course a technology investment like any other. And you probably already have a technology budget. Consider this a sound investment for your business.

How Envelope Stuffing Machines Pay for Themselves

Machines are like employees. A good machine will work enough to pay for itself. If it doesn’t, it was a waste of money.

Let’s go back to your cost of work in stuffing envelopes.

We determined that you might spend as much as $3,500 on stuffing envelopes the old fashioned way.

If you send out envelopes once quarterly, that’s $14,000 a year.

Now consider the cost of even the most expensive envelope stuffing machine you could buy. $5000.

In two-quarters of canvassing a town of 50,000 people, you’ve paid for the machine in labor costs saved.

And that’s not taking into account the possibility of including more in each envelope.

When you stuff envelopes, you can only fold so efficiently. And when you do fold and stuff, you waste space inside the envelope.

What if you could include twice the amount of content per envelope.

Now, of course, this won’t convert to twice the number of leads coming through your door or checking out your website. But if you could include more coupons in those envelopes, how much do you want to bet you will see more people coming through your door.

You’re looking to increase your customer base by sending out advertisements to as many people as possible. But you’re also looking to really hook those people.

Paper folding and envelope stuffing machines can fold and stuff envelopes much more efficiently. And you won’t regret buying one for your business. That is, if you plan on expanding your reach for less.

Even a Small Envelope Stuffing Machine Is Worth Its Salt

We’ve spent quite a lot of time assuming you send massive amounts of letters out a quarter or a month. But what if that’s not you.

Maybe you send out 100 letters a month. Or even 100 a day.

What would spending even $175 for an entry level machine do for me?

You may trust your secretary implicitly. We know we trust ours. But they’re only human. And humans don’t fold, stuff, and seal perfectly.

A machine can.

And when you have a machine stuffing your envelopes, you ensure that the letter’s integrity is kept secure and intact.

No more envelopes that might burst open due to improper or lazy folding. No more wasted envelopes. (They may cost pennies, but pennies add up.)

And the presentation you get when a letter arrives will be ten times better than when a human folds the letter. (No offense to your secretary.)

Smaller paper folding and envelope stuffing machines do only work with standard weight and size paper. So you will have to keep your letters to the traditional printed paper without any gloss.

But if you are not canvassing a whole city, you probably won’t have to worry about that anyway.


Whether you’re trying to expand your advertising reach or you’re simply tired of paper cuts, getting a machine to fold and stuff your letters is a good choice

If you’re in the market to buy a machine, get a quote for you business today.