Types of Paper Folders

When you’re shopping for a letter folding machine, you need to know what your options are, and which will fit best within your organization. Hopefully, this guide can help you narrow down your options so you can make a purchase that will serve you well for many years to come.

Rollers Versus Air Feed

In almost all cases, a roller unit will suffice, and will cost several thousand dollars less than an air-feeding letter folder. However, if your organization does send thousands of letters every month, there are reasons to consider the air fed machines. Primary among these is that the maintenance costs are lower over the lifespan of an air feed machine because they wear out much more slowly. They are durable, high-capacity machines, and if you’re operating on a large scale you may find that they’re worth the investment.

For companies dealing with high-gloss paper stock such as what is often used to make brochures, air feed machines will also give you a much better final result. Most roller machines can’t handle this type of paper to begin with, and those that can often smudge or mar the surface of the paper.


Top Paper Folder Brands

There are many major players in the letter folding industry, but look for names like:

• Hasler
• Martin Yale
• FP
• NeoPost
• Pitney Bowes

These are major players in the industry that offer a wide range of products to fit specific office needs. For instance, FP offers everything from a 125 sheet capacity basic letter folder to the DF-1200, air-fed, 625 sheet capacity high-speed letter folder. Martin Yale makes very durable machines with controls that are intuitive enough for even those who have never used these types of machines to figure out. Hasler makes massive machines that are designed to meet the capabilities of mailrooms in the largest corporations, with models like the PS1200 capable of folding and inserting in envelopes as fast as 12,000 per hour.


Printing Needs From Paper Folders

When you’re shopping for a letter folder, you have some questions you need to ask yourself before you start the buying process.

• How many letters do I plan to send a month?
• How quickly do I need my letters folded and my envelopes stuffed?
• What size of paper do I plan on using for my mailings?
• Do I want to use cardstock or high-gloss paper for any of my print jobs?
• Are automatic set-up and high-speed features important to me?

Knowing this beforehand is going to help you find the right machine for your office, as almost every machine in the business will be described in these terms.



Paper Folding Machines – Approx 1,500 Letters Hour
($200 – $1,500)


MEDIUM DUTY Paper Folding Machines- Approx 3,500 Letters Hour
($1,500 – $2,800)


HEAVY DUTY Paper Folding Machines – Approx 5,000 – 10,000 Letters Hour
($4,000 – $8,500)