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Why You Should Consider Letter Folding Machine Rentals

For your business, every dollar counts and you’ll want to save wherever you can. We’re here to tell you why you should consider a letter folding machine rental.

Let’s get real: everywhere you look these days, it seems like more and more correspondence, whether business or personal, is being sent electronically.

There’s even mounting concern that letter writing is becoming a lost art.

But recently, the numbers are telling a different story.

First, 39% of consumers choose to work with companies because they sent them something in the mail. Also, that same study showed that 79% of people that received a physical letter respond instantly to it.

If you’re looking for ways to set your business apart, and to connect with your customers, sending out a letter or prospective in the mail is likely just the thing you need to stay a step ahead of your competition.

Here, we’re telling you how to do it – starting with why a letter folding machine rental is the first step.

No matter your budget, renting a letter folding machine will save you time and money!

The Benefits Of Snail Mail

While we could fill a book with the reasons why either handwritten or typed and mailed correspondence matters, here are just a few of our favorite benefits:

They force you to think about what you’re saying

It’s easy to bang out an email and send it, but when you’re drafting a letter to current or prospective clients, you’ll be forced to choose your words more carefully.

They’re physical reminders of your company customers can display in their home

Think about it: if a customer sticks your letter on their fridge, they’re seeing your brand’s name several times a day.

They show you care

Your customers like to feel special. Whether your letter is personalized or not, taking the time to send something to their homes when other companies are just going with an e-newsletter shows people you’re willing to go the extra mile.

It’s a form of client relations/customer service.

It’s actually going to get read

As the above statistics show, it makes much more business sense to send letters with crucial information.

Be honest: how many ads/offers from companies in your email inbox do you actually read?

You won’t end up the spam folder

Unlike in an inbox, your mail can’t be filtered out.

Renting a Letter Folding Machine Sounds Great, But…

Stop right there. No matter what your “excuse” is for not writing letters, we’ve heard them all before. We’re going to show you how, no matter what obstacle you’re facing, you can still send out direct mail correspondence.

In fact, these obstacles are exactly why you need to look into letter folding machine rental.

“But I have way too many clients!”

We get it. Nobody wants to fold papers until their hands bleed.

Renting a letter folder machine means you don’t have to devote an entire day to a mailing. It also means you don’t have to lose money on hiring extra help.

“But I don’t want to lose valuable selling time doing a mailing!”

The great thing about a letter folding machine is that it can work overtime, anytime – and you won’t have to stay for hours supervising it.

Do your mailings while you work, in a fraction of the time.

“But I’m a new business! I can’t afford this!”

We totally get it. Letter folding machines can be pricy. That’s why a letter folding machine for rent is a great option.

Plus, as we proved above, sending out letters is a wonderfully cost-effective way to gain new clients – a crucial part of your first phase of business.

“But we’re a tech startup, and we don’t want to look dated!”

Exactly – you don’t want to look dated. So why are you still using the same email template you did three years ago? Especially in Silicon Valley, if you’re doing what everyone else is, you can’t expect to last long.

Letters to VCs and Angel Investors are exactly what you need to set you apart. Plus, many machines can fold even intricate and oddly-shaped paper.

It’s a great opportunity to get creative with your correspondence.

“I only send out a mailing at year’s end!”

Well, then you’re the perfect type of company to look into letter folding machine rental. We get that not all companies send out a mailing every other week.

If you’re only sending out Christmas cards, or advertisements for a once-a-year sale, then renting a paper folding machine as opposed to buying one is a much better option for you.

“But I don’t even send out letters!”

Great. Did you know that folding machines can also take care of brochures, flyers, and pretty much anything else?

How Do I Know Which Type Of Letter Folding Machine I Need?

Of course, before you can start your letter folding machine rental process, you need to know which type is best for your business!

There are three main options:

1) Manual Feeds: These are great if you’re sending out a smaller amount of mail, with standard paper type, thickness, and size. These machines are 2-slot options, and usually fold up to 5 sheets at once.

2) Automatic Friction Feeds: If you’re not afraid of a little setup that needs to be done manually, these are great options because they can usually also fold glossy and thick paper types. These are meant to help with more complex folds, and may even punch holes in your paper if needed. Plus, when the job is done, they shut off on their own!

3) Automatic Air Feeds: If you’ve got a serious amount of letters to send, this is your best letter folding machine rental option. They can even keep track of the number of letters you need to fold and send out!

Ready to Look Into Letter Folding Machine Rental?

We’re here to help. Get in touch with us and receive a price quote on your paper folding machine rental.

We’ll help make sure that you’re getting exactly the right type of machine you need for your business, and we’ll talk you through the setup and usage processes!

Isn’t it time you started actually communicating with your customers, instead of just sending out blind emails you can only hope they’ll read?

Letter folding machines for rent are the solution you’ve been looking for, and we want to help you get one in your office as soon as possible.