With Folding Speeds of Up to 7200″ per minute the Baum Ultrafold 714XA Letter Folder Crushes Competitors 

If you have the need for speed the Baum Ultrafold 714XA pumps our a whooping 7200″ per minute and is well worth the investment.

With the Baum 714XA automated tabletop letter folding machine continues the tradition of providing the ultimate speed in a compact and convenient modern design. The BAUM 714XA comes with all of the features of the popular manual setup BAUM 714XLT folder and then completes it with automation and state-of-the-art features to meet today’s demanding needs along with modern styling.

Baum 714XA Ultrafold Review

Baum UltraFold 714XA Document Folder

  • Max Paper Weight: 176.83 g/m²
  • Max Paper Size: 14” x 25.5”
  • Adjustment: Manual
  • Feed type: Air
  • Feeds laser, offset and other digital printed stocks
  • Air/vacuum feed system handles sensitive imaged stocks to prevent marking
  • Feed table extension that can handle longer sheet lengths, enabling tri-folding of 25.5″ long sheets from brochures, etc
  • Programmable memory settings for 20 custom folds
  • Touch Screen
  • Quiet Operation
  • Diagnostic messages/fault detection


Price Range: $13,500 – $16,201

The Baum 714XA comes standard with a state of the art PLC color touch screen microprocessor control that has a robust troubleshooting section. Users  can easily use the touch screen panel to access the self-diagnostic indicators built into the letter folder. The main folder operating functions can be viewed for complete input and output signals via the highly visible and easy to read indicators on the trouble shooting screen.

The Baum 714XA AutoFold document folding machine is loaded with a variety of high tech devices in the design to defeat the ever prevalent problems caused byf static electricity. Baum has added special static cords at two key locations in the folder. One cord is found in the base of the feed table, just under the bottom sheet of paper. This cord is placed so that every sheet that is fed is passed over this cord to help eliminate static electricity. The other cord is found at the exit end of the folder, placed just under  that folded sheet as it exits the folder to again help pull out the static charge. A third device is an in-line ionizing tube that helps to reduce static in the air blow line from the air blast from the compressor for the folder.

Glossy & coated stock is never a concern  thanks to the Flexifold’s vacuum feed system. It also performs exceptionally well for folding high-speed copier and laser-printed sheets. The Baum 714XA letter folding machine is one of the most reliable paper folders in its class and is ready to go to work for you anytime and anyplace you need it.

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