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Buy cross-fold paper folding machines for commercial uses. Here’s what you need to know before making your purchase.

Some people are more familiar with the traditional fold. A cross-fold, also known as a right angle fold or three-quarter crease is made by folding papers twice: first lengthwise and then from their side on a second pass.

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Cross fold paper folding can perform this operation in 2 simple steps!


These machines have a patented design that allows them to perform either 1 or 2 folds on paper. After the first pass with one plate, they can do as many trifolds as you want. In order for these devices to work properly though there needs to be an operator who sets up and loads both plates before starting your second fold.

Cross Fold Paper Machines

If you’re looking for a paper folding machine that can perform cross-folds, then your best bet is to get one of these babies. Generally speaking, most machines only allow for 1 or 2 folds during the first pass and require an operator who knows how exactly to set up their equipment before they start pinching edges (and placing them precisely) on top of stacks all-ready-made from folded sheets in order make this happen too.

This folding technique is called a cross fold and produces an output of either 1/4 or 1/3 size. It can also be done by thirds, which would result in 2 pieces that are 5″x 4″. A Baronial Fold creates smaller papers with 3 7″ x 2’8″.


There are two types of paper folding machines, pharmaceutical folders, and standard ones. The difference between these is the size they can perform smaller sizes for documents like letters or brochures- on a 2 plate machine it will be about an inch shorter than what you would get with 4 plates but that’s only because there are fewer folds in each section, to begin with! This also applies only when papers aren’t glossy though since those surfaces could Cake Leveling by being exposed too much before finally becoming flat enough again after all this work has been done.

A paper folding machine is a fantastic way to make use of your office’s spare time and get creative with what could be an otherwise mundane task. Whether you want to create designs ornaments for the holidays, assemble cards in preparation for presents shopping season–folding papers always has been and will continue to be one hundred percent totally necessary.

TIP: To avoid any unwanted creases when unfolding – especially if there are many folds- try warming up before attempting this tricky style so that it becomes easier on cold winter days

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