The Intelli-Zone DE-172AF Review Was a Slam Dunk

If the budget can handle an investment of around $1,300, you’ll love the Intelli-Zone DE172AF letter folding machine. Top rated in its class, this office paper folding machine cranks out 6,000 folds per hour and can handle multiple paper sizes.


  • 6,000 sheets per hour
  • Holds 500 pieces of paper
  • Words with 13-18 lbs paper
  • Durable
  • Compact in size


  • Cost a litter more than some similar performing products

Intelli-Zone DE172AF Review

Intelli Zone DE 172AF

  • Folds are clearly displayed on the folding plates.
  • The drop-in feed tray holds 500 sheets of 20lb bond paper.
  • 3 friction wheels deliver evenly pull paper into the machine, ensuring a professional fold and a great skew.
  • A variable-speed motor makes it easy to accommodate various paper thicknesses.
  • Folds small documents up to large 11″ x 17″ paper.
  • A powered exit conveyor stacks and organizes paper as it leaves the machine.
  • The DE-172AF pulls a sheet of paper off of the top of a stack of paper until the entire stack of paper is folded.
  • This is an upgraded version of the Intelli-Fold / Dynafold DE-202AF.


Price Range: $1200-$1420

The Intelli-Fold DE-172AF letter folding machine combines an auto-feeder with manual folding plates to produce some highly accurate paper. The Intelli Fold DE-172AF is designed from the ground up to be accurate, reliable and durable. It can be used on just about any size office desk or end table,  and can fold paper as large as 11″ x 17″. This equipment is perfect for medium-volume jobs and can manage most office folding operations. Create letter folds, Z folds, single folds and more.

The Intelli-Fold DE-172AF is similar in setup and operation to the DE-202AF, includes a convenient exit tray to keep folded paper in alphanumeric order as it exits the equipment. T 

The gray / blue design easily blends in with existing office. It is powerful enough to fold your brochures, pamphlets, letter, programs, and flyers. It’s a perfect fit for schools, offices, churches, small businesses and more.  

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