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The Ultimate Guide To Envelope Stuffing Machines

Do you want to increase your envelope stuffing speed? Discover more about envelope stuffing machines and how they can help save time and energy. This includes a discussion of different envelope stuffing machine types as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each type. Finally, we’ll show you how to choose an envelope stuffing machine that’s right for your business needs.

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The envelope stuffing machine is a device designed for simply inserting letters or legal-sized paper into pre-addressed envelopes. One of the best things about these machines is that they take the physical exertion out of envelope stuffing. These machines are equipped with a platform to feed envelopes through and a plate to seal the flaps.

There are many companies that offer envelope stuffing services to other businesses, but these services cost money. Purchasing your own envelope stuffing machine is not only much more convenient, but it can also save you a lot of money in the long run.

Pitney Bowes Relay 2500

Stamped envelopes are even more cost-effective. These envelopes have already been addressed and stamped, but they still need to be stuffed into the envelopes. The good thing about this is that you can use them again in the future when you are ready to send out another letter or flyer. Just remove the letter, recycle the envelope and reprint information on the letter.

Envelope stuffing is a great way for businesses to promote products or services, build customer relations or get new clients. All they have to do is send out their envelopes containing important information to people all over the country. An envelope stuffing machine is an important tool for these businesses to use.

Standard PF-40L Letter Folder

Before purchasing any envelope stuffing machine it’s important to do your research first. Find out how much each one costs and which features are available on the machine. Many of them have different combinations of speed, automation, paper types, and options.

For many businesses who are trying to establish themselves, getting the name out there is extremely important. Addressing envelopes by hand takes up a great deal of time and can hurt your back or hands after a while. By using an envelope stuffing machine, you’ll be able to save money and time.

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Best Commercial Grade Envelope Stuffing Machines (as of September 27, 2021)

Below are hands-down some of the best envelope stuffing machines and letter folders. They represent a variety of job types and amounts of envelopes to be stuffed per hour. Included is the national average price to buy these products, and information about how they may serve your business.

Formax 7500 Series Envelope Stuffing Machines

Formax 7500 Series

Approx Cost: $73000-$75300

Formax 7500 Series Inserters are designed to offer the flexibility and power needed for a wide variety of jobs. With 11 feed stations, high capacity feeders with 10″ envelopes per minute throughput speeds of up to 6300 finished pieces monthly processed at one time on 300KW continuous duty models! A robust folding system allows 8 sheets in total at once while still maintaining an easy storage footprint that folds down small enough to fit anywhere you need it to go.

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Formax FD 6406-10 Side Exit, Front Side

Formax FD 6406-10

Approx Cost: $1800-$2000

Optimize your Formax FD 6406 Series Folder/Inserters with these accessories. The optional CIS Scanner reads OMR, 1D, and 2D Barcodes to automatically insert multiple-page documents without the tedious task of manually collating them! You can also find high-capacity feeders for productions that need help staying organized as well as short feed trays perfect if you’re dealing with smaller inserts or BREs on a regular basis too. And lastly, there’s a side exit tray so you don’t have any more clogged-up compartments when it comes time for cleaning out those old files.

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Martin Yale 1812 Variable Speed AutoFolder

Martin Yale 1812 Variable Speed AutoFolder, 12000 Sheets:Hour

Approx Cost: $1900-$2200

This machine is capable of feeding a wide range of paperweights without having to adjust the feed system. Fully enclosed fold tables mean quieter operation and improved operator safety, as well! Additionally, it features multi-sheet bypass that will accept stapled sets up to 4 sheets per page 20 lbs in weight; this allows for handling bond papers from 18lbs all the way down 90 pounds index – so you’ll never be caught short when out on your job site or office space again thanks to these great innovations.

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Approx Cost: $8300-$8745

The 6204 Series offers cutting-edge technology that is both efficient and versatile. With its large color touchscreen control panel, operators are able to follow an easy-to-use wizard job function for quick setup of new tasks with minimal training hours investment required from them! AutoSet also takes away the need for manual length measurements by automatically calculating everything including paper size envelopes folds in just one click–It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes time to kick off your next print campaign.

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Duplo DF-777 Automatic Paper Folder

Approx Cost: $2900-$3300

The Duplo DF-777 Automatic envelope stuffing machine is a very good product that can also handle different sizes and folds. This saves you time when processing jobs with no manual adjustments required. The fully automated setup makes it easier for your office staff as well, because they don’t have to do these tedious things every single job – only the ones where higher quantities are needed or if someone has gone out of date on what’s been done before in an old folder (which happens!).

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How does a commercial envelope stuffing machine work?

The first step is to load the envelopes into the paper tray. The second step is to feed your letter or flyer into the feeding tray. You will then need to use feeder fingers that are adjustable depending on what size envelope you are going to be stuffing.

Standard PF-40L Auto Suction Feed Tabletop Folder

The last step is to gather up the flaps and seal them. The envelope stuffing machine will do all of this for you so that you can get back to other responsibilities.

Envelope stuffing machines have been around for a long time. They may not be as flashy as some of the newer pieces of equipment, but they are an important tool to use in any business.

What kind of envelope do I need?

The first thing you will need is a letter. All envelopes and letters should be printed on 80. If you are using legal-sized paper, make sure that you are using either a 9 1/2 or an 11-inch envelope. It’s very important to make sure that the size of your paper is not bigger than this because it will prevent your letter from being able to reach its destination.

NeoPost DC 85 Letter Folders

The next thing you will need is an envelope stuffing machine to put the letter in. It’s important that your paper can fit inside of the envelope so that it doesn’t get stuck on the sides of the machine.

Envelope stuffing machine prices vary depending on what kind of features they have. Some of them are expensive, but others are more affordable.

When you purchase an envelope stuffing machine, make sure that it will work with the brand and size of envelopes you want to use. Pay attention to what the measurements are because many companies don’t allow envelopes that are over a certain size.

Why Should Your Business Use An Envelope Stuffing Machine?

There are several reasons why a business should use an envelope stuffing machine. First of all, it will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. With a machine, you can quickly stuff hundreds or even thousands of envelopes in a matter of hours. Not only that but you can also use the envelopes again and again.

With a machine, you can get your flyer or letter into thousands of people’s homes in no time. It will help build new relationships with customers and give your business more exposure. There are lots of benefits to using an envelope stuffing machine so talk to your local office supply store for more information.

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