Paper Fold Types

Types of Paper Folds

Did you know your paper folder can do many different types of paper folds? Check out the versatility of your letter folder by knowing the types of folds it can do.

Did you know that letter folding machines can fold between 1,000 and 35,000 sheets per hour?

That sounds a lot faster than even the most industrious team could do by hand!

Letter folding machines don’t just fold standard mailers, they are capable of producing a lot of different paper folds.

If you’re interested in getting a paper folder or wondering what your paper fold can do, keep reading to explore some of the most common paper fold names.

Letter Fold Types

Why Use a Paper Folding Machine?

Whether you’re a small business, a huge corporation, a church group, a nonprofit, or something in between, making promotional material and mailers can be time-consuming, to say the least.

Depending on the size of your organization and your needs for producing print material, there are many different types of paper folding machines to appropriately serve the size of your organization.

Many organizations have found that the cost of purchasing or renting a paper folding machine is well worth the expense, as it so significantly increases the efficiency of mail-out campaigns.

And even though many people claim that print media is dead, there are a lot of reasons to argue exactly the opposite. Even Millennials, the generation always harped on for living exclusively technology-focused lives, prefer to read material in print as opposed to on a device or computer.

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List of Paper Fold Types

  • Letter Fold (C Fold)
  • Accordion Fold (Z Fold)
  • 4-Panel Accordian Fold
  • Single Fold (V Fold)
  • Double Parallel Fold
  • Engineering Fold (Half Accordion)
  • Cross Fold (French Fold)
  • Baronial Fold
  • Gate Fold
  • 2-Gate Fold
  • Roll Fold
  • Map Fold

8 Ways A Letter Folder Can Fold Paper, With Visual Examples

So now that we know our efforts are not in vain, let’s explore the paper folding types possible with the help of letter folding machines, and what the different paper folds are most often used for.

Z Fold

The Z fold is commonly used for invitations, product catalogs, bills, and multi-page mailing letters. Also referred to as the zig-zag fold and the accordion fold, this paper folding type looks like the letter Z in profile.

Most utility company bills come in a Z fold because there is a more forgiving margin of error on the fold locations.

This paper fold type with two folds allows six different areas for printing on.

Z Fold Paper Example

Double Parallel Fold

There are a few paper fold types that are typically only used for larger paper sizes (11×17 and bigger,) and the double parallel fold is one of them. This fold is most often used in transactional mailings and customer reports. Sometimes referred to as the inside quarter fold, this folding type creates up to eight areas you can print on.

Double Parallel Fold Example

Cross Fold

Also known as the french fold, this paper fold requires that you run a single piece through your letter folder two times. The final outcome is that the paper is folded in half twice, and when opened all the way it creates four evenly sized squares.

The cross fold is most often used for wedding invitations and greeting cards.

This method of paper folding produces up to eight equally sized areas to print.

Cross Fold Example

Gate Fold

Almost never used in mailing, this fold is usually used for brochures, invitations, and book or magazine covers. Also called the open gate fold or the brochure fold, the gate fold produces a final product with the paper opening up like two doors. This type of paper fold can be used to produce one of a kind marketing material.

The gate fold offers up to eight areas you can choose to print on.

Gate Fold Example

Tri Fold

One of the most common types of paper folds, the tri-fold is commonly used for a variety of purposes, such as brochures, invitation cards, information pamphlets, and anything sent in a standard white envelope.

Most of the mail you receive is tri-folded, thus this type of paper fold is also known as the letter fold. It is also sometimes referred to as C fold.

This paper 2-fold paper type produces up to 6 areas for print.

Tri Fold Example

Half Fold

Possibly the simplest of the paper fold types, the half fold consists of a single piece of paper folded down the middle to create two equal halves. At the end, you are left with 4 separate areas to print on if you choose.

Since this paper fold doesn’t fit in a standard envelope, mailings are rarely in half folds.

Marketing material, greeting cards, wedding programs, invitations, and brochures are frequently presented using the half fold, which also goes by the name single fold.

Half Fold Example

Closed Gate Fold

This is another one of the types of paper folding that is generally only used on pieces 11×17 or larger.

Never used in mailings, the closed gate fold can produce unique brochures or closed documents. If desired, this type of paper fold can be taped shut and can stand up on its own in a box shape.

Closed Gate Fold

Engineering Fold

The engineering fold is also sometimes known as the short Z fold, the fold out fold, or the half accordion fold.

Similar to the Z fold, this paper folding type differs in that one of the panels is much larger than the others.

This nifty folding type can but used for marketing when you want to keep a part of your brochure hidden.

Enjoy the Full Capabilities of Your Letter Folding Machine

There are so many different paper folds your letter folding machine can offer you. No matter your purpose or desired outcome, chances are there are types of paper folds that will work for your needs.

Check out our blog for more useful information on letter folding machines, and click here to learn more about the different types of paper folders.

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