For Tough Letter Folding Jobs the Duplo Foldmaster Touchline CF375 Has it all

The Duplo Foldmaster Touchline CF375 is the ideal paper folding machine for creasing and folding solutions for the high-volume printer. The CF375 can consistently fold and crease up to 6000 sheets an hour, regardless of the number of folds and creases. High-speed creaser and letter folder for high volume jobs makes this a winner and ideal for high volume printers.

The Creaser/Folder Eurofod Touchline CF375 handles paper stock up to 400 gsm, creases and folds the products, all in one single pass. plus it delivers various finishing devices including other Duplo and Multigraf equipment.

Duplo Foldmaster Touchline CF375 Review

  • Max. Paper Size: 14.76″ x 25.98
  • Min. Paper Size: 4.13″ x 5.82″
  • 6,000 Sheets per hour
  • Feed Capacity: 3.94″
  • Dimensions: 74″ x 24″ x 52″
  • Paper Stocks: 26 lb. bond to 150b. cover (100-400 gsm)
  • Creasing & Folding up to 400 gsm in a single pass
  • Three Configurations – Crease/Fold, Crease, Perforate
  • Swingbar Crease Technology
  • Ultrasonic Double Detection as standard
  • Direct Mail, Tickets, Greetign cards, Book covers, Menus, Flyer, and more
  • Creasing Accuracy: +/- 0.1 mm
  • Crease Types: Standard and Narrow
  • 4-digit LCD
  • Feed type: Air
  • Automatic Adjustment
  • Electrical: 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz



The Eurofold Touchline CF375 is a robust, fully functional all-in-one integrated creasing and letter folding machine. By simply pressing a single button the equipment is easy to use and fully reliable. Ideal for your business and operator. 

  • Paper feeder system with vacuum belt pile feeder and top feeding
  • Capable of folding multiple types of documents
  • This new-age technology allows for high speed accurate folding and creasing


Conclusion: The TOUCHLINE generation offers greater flexibility and automation than any other letter folding machine in its class.

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