The Dynafold DE-42FC Paper Inserted Get a Lot Done on Budget

For around $1,450 the Dynafold DE-42FC letter folding machine may be all a small office ever needs. This quality automatic Paper Folder is an economical heavy duty letter folding machine with capabilities usually only found in much larger, more expensive piece of office equipment. 

The Dynafold DE-42FC electric paper folding machine allows you to choose from 6 different folding patterns, including Single Fold, Double Fold, Fold Out, and Letter Fold.

Dynafold DE-42FC Review

  • Commercial grade
  • High performance
  • Error Detection, Jam Sensor,
    Eject Sensor, Variable Speed
  • Load up to 500 sheets.
  • Electronic counter.
  • Supports single fold, double fold, fold out, letter fold, zig-zag fold, gate fold
  • Self adjusting to paper thickness
  • Conveyor belt stacker.
  • Weighs 71 lbs
  • Paper Size Max. 11″ x 17″ / Min. 3.5″
    x 5″
  • Paper Weight Up
    to 110/M Ex, Glossy
  • Folding Speed 15,000 pieces / hour




The Dynafold DE-42FC Automatic letter folding machine is an economical heavy duty paper folder with capabilities for office jobs that are usually only found in more costly machines. Easily modify and adjust the DE-42FC for multiple folds types and paper sizes; the paper folding machine never requires manual adjustment for different paper thicknesses, this as a compliment to the machine unique feeding system and self-adjustment. Even heavy and glossy paper stocks are folded with no issues, and cross folds can be created too. Up to 500 pieces of paper can be loaded into the feeder. The DE-42FC features multiple speed adjustments, and output can reach up to 15,000 sheets / hour. 

Conclusion: A low cost paper folder that delivers like none in it’s class.

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