NeoPost DS-90i Review – Blazing Fast

NeoPost DS-90i Paper Folding MachineThe NeoPost DS-90i is a top of the line letter machine that can hit speeds of 4,700 envelopes per hour. This blazing speed is achieved by utilizing its seven feeders.

The NeoPost hosts a lot of features to accomplish any business task:

  • High-efficiency mail sorting and powerstacker
  • Powerfold capabilities for a professional look
  • Upload and download abilities
  • Feeders to fill substantial orders
  • Special feeders for a growing need
  • Ability to handle above-average sizes

It’s clear the NeoPost can handle a different assortment of jobs and complete tasks the Martin Yale can’t do.


A home or small business probably won’t be in the market for this letter-folding machine. The size and features are more than is needed.

But medium to large-sized businesses could revolutionize their mailroom. If you can afford the NeoPost, it might change the way you do business.

Prices run from $32,000 to $37,000. One year of maintenance alone can cost around $3,000 for a year.

With prices these high, a purchase can be amortized over the span of a few years. Amortization allows a business to spread the cost of the letter-folding machine so the price doesn’t hit the books all in one year.

Consider what’s included with pricing:

  • NeoPost offers customer support
  • Remote assistance
  • Recyclable recovery of at least 85% (they’re eco-friendly)

It’s clear you get a lot for the price you pay.


There aren’t many negatives inherent to this machine. But it’s important to list any hindrances your business could experience.

  • Price tag – It’s an expensive machine that might not fit your budget
  • The size – You might not have adequate space
  • Malfunctions could cost more money

The cons may be incurred by your own limitations, but they should still be considered.

The NeoPost DS-90i is an impressive machine. It can change the way you do business and handle large volumes to spare time. Additionally, the NeoPost has security safeguards to prevent addresses from being mixed.

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