Standard PF-40L Review – Built For Business

Standard PF-40L Letter FolderThe Standard PF-40L is a letter-folding machine that has the commercial ability in a compact size. Built to serve businesses of all sizes, explore some of its features before deciding if this machine is for you.

  • Easy setup anyone can do
  • The suction rotor feeding is what it’s known for best
  • High capacity feeder
  • Registration guide for accurate transportation
  • Program patterns into the computer memory

It’s easy to see why the PF-40L is a great choice. It has a 1,000 sheet capacity and feeds paper from the top with powerful suction rotors.

If you have a quick one-fold job, you can complete 390 letters in one minute. More complex tasks will require more time.


As a middle-market machine, the pricing hits between the Martin Yale and NeoPost. For its capabilities, the PF-40L is an appropriate choice for a business trying to grow.

The price range goes from $10,000 to $15,000 if you include warranties and service agreements.

These machines are a popular refurbished item, so check to see if there are reduced ones for sale.


Comparatively, the smaller Martin Yale might be a better buy for the features you receive. Check out more of the cons to see if this is the right letter-folder for you.

  • The Standard PF-40L is a discontinued model but still sells extremely well
  • For the price, you might be better off buying a more affordable letter-folder
  • There is no customer support from the manufacturer

Despite the obvious shortcomings, the PF-40L has a lot of functionality.

Overall, the Standard PF-40L is a good choice for medium-sized businesses. A smaller business won’t need all its features for the price tag. A big business needs a letter-folding machine with more support and abilities.

Buying the Best Letter Machines

It’s up to you to decide how much volume your business does, and how much money you can spend.

The best letter machines for someone else might not be the best for you. If you need help picking the right letter-folding machine, contact us with all your questions.

Don’t waste any more time and resources folding and sorting letters.

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