Letter Folding Machine And Envelope Stuffing: A Definitive Guide For Your Office

paper folding machineUsing a paper folding machine in your business can save you some hassle, but what are the features you should look for to get the most from your investment?

There are nearly 28 billion businesses in the United States.

And you certainly want your business to stand out. One way to ensure all of your mailings look professional is by utilizing professional envelope stuffing and folding machines.

While you may not have thought about one in the past, paper folding machines can be incredibly valuable for businesses that rely on outgoing mail.

In this blog post, we’ll talk about some of the things you should consider when deciding if a paper folding machine is the one for your office.

What Can It Do?

Do you need a paper folding machine or an envelope stuffer? Do you need the machine to do both or just one component of the job?

This is something you’ll need to consider before placing an order and making a purchase.

How Much Can the Paper Folding Machine Handle?

Most paper folding machines and envelope stuffing machines will have a maximum capacity that they can handle. An envelope stuffing machine, for instance, always has a limit for how many envelopes it can process.

For most organizations, the machines handle much more per month than they can ever process.

However, it is still an important thing to consider, as you may find yourself processing a much larger number one month or two.

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Commercial Letter Folding MachinesHow Much Do Letter Folding Machines Cost?

Cost always needs to be a consideration when purchasing a new machine for your office or organization. Can your organization make the purchase or is too expensive?

If the machine you really need is too expensive, can you get by with a machine that doesn’t have everything you need?

Ask yourself what features of the machine you’re willing to compromise on. Learn more about the cost of paper folding machines here.

Make Sure It Fits Your Paper Needs

You’ll need to know if a paper folding machine or envelope stuffer can process the types of folds and size of the paper your office uses.

While most offices use a standard type of paper to send out mail, your office may have something a little bit different.

If that’s the case, you can request that the manufacturer of a machine you’re considering sends you a test run of the folds you need. They can typically do this at no cost.

You can then compare and contrast the different outcomes from the different machines, deciding which one works for your office.

How Big is the Feed Tray?

How big the feed tray is can make a huge difference to whether a paper folding machine will actually be valuable for your office. You need to know how many sheets you can place on it, to see if this is enough for your company’s needs.

Some paper folding machines can also separate folded paper when its finished. Do you need this feature and can the item you’re considering do so? Is this something that you need to pay extra for, or does it come with the paper folder?

Automated Paper folding machinePractical Considerations For Paper Folding Machines

Before you order any kind of large machines for your office, you’ll need to know where you’re going to put it. First and foremost, you need the space for it, otherwise, it’s rendered totally useless.

You also need to know if it is small enough to place on a table or some other item, and if so, can it fit.

Additionally, you’ll want to ask yourself who will operate the machines and if they’re qualified to do so.

Another important consideration is how much noise the machine will make. Will it bother the people in your office who need to concentrate on other work? Will it bother the people in the office next door to you who don’t work with your company?

How Many Papers Can It Fold in a Certain Amount of Time?

This is a question that may become of paramount importance to you if you’re ever pressed for time to get a publication or mailing out. Find out how quickly the machine can fold the paper, or stuff the envelope, to your specific needs.

Most organizations won’t need to send out mailings in a rush, but you may need to in a pinch, so keep it in mind.

Who Can Operate It?

Is the machine technically easy enough for anyone in your office to operate it or do you need someone specially trained? If the latter, can you ensure that they are around enough that they can always use the machine? Can you train other people to use it?

What is the Maintenance and Warranty Like?

What happens if you need a spare part for the paper folder or envelope stuffer? Is it easy to replace to keep your operation up and running? Or does it take a long time to order the parts?

What does the warranty cover? Does it cover if the machine suddenly breaks down? How quickly can you get a replacement or someone to repair it if it renders itself inoperable?

Choosing the Right Paper Folder

Choosing the right paper folding machine can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be. As long as your office knows exactly what it wants and needs, as well as its budget, buying one can be relatively easy.

For some people, renting a machine may be the best solution for their business.

If you’re looking to purchase or rent a paper folding machine or envelope stuffer for your business, don’t hesitate to get a free online quote. We can help you sort out exactly what it is you need.

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