7 Reasons Why Direct Mail Marketing is Still Alive and Kicking in the Digital Age

direct mail marketingDirect mail marketing campaigns can be an effective sales tool, find out how to pull them off without any folding and no paper cuts at all.

Every marketing specialist will tell you that you need an email list. That your landing page can make or break sales. And, that social media is vital for brand awareness.

They’re not telling you something.

What they’re not telling you is that direct mail marketing isn’t dead. In fact, it’s alive and well. You’re sacrificing growth and profits by not using it.

We haven’t left direct mail marketing in the past. Keep reading to find out why your business needs it.

1. Successful Integrated Approach

You shouldn’t commit 100 percent to digital or direct mail marketing. The way to succeed today is by using an integrated approach to marketing. This means you use many different channels to market your brand.

Although digital mail is important, direct marketing is just as valuable. Don’t cut out one or the other. Curate your marketing plan to include strategies from both.

For example, you want to have a stellar website and at least one social media platform. You should be present on Facebook and Google My Business.

But, you should also have direct mail that gives customers something tangible to hold. Capitalize on the many benefits of snail mail marketing.

2. Higher Response Rates

You may believe that email has a faster response time than mail. After all, we can access out emails on our phones everywhere we go.

The thing is, most marketing emails end up in the spam folder. The consumer, who doesn’t want to read spam emails, associates negative feelings with your brand.

The Direct Marketing Association did a study on response times. They found that direct mail receives a 4.4 percent response time. Digital mail gets a whopping 0.12 percent.

When done in a non-spammy way, direct mail elicits a positive emotion from consumers. Thus, they respond faster.

Direct Mail Campaign3. Millennials Love Mail

Yes, millennials grew up with Smartphones and tablets in their hands. They made social media profiles before making their first resumes.

Despite their existence in the digital world, millennials love direct mail.

It could be their appreciation for vintage and retro trends. Or the rarity of how tangible and real direct mail is. The digital world uses our eyes and ears; using our hands is special.

According to a 2015 report, 36 percent of millennials enjoy checking their physical mail every day. In fact, they look forward to it. You can reach this demographic with awesome direct mail marketing.

4. Direct Mail is Memorable

Consider all the different ways you can design a physical piece of mail. The shape, size, colors, and texture can all vary. This gives you a ton of opportunity to be unique.

Although we usually throw out the flyers, mail that looks interesting gets opened. If the content continues to interest us, it becomes memorable.

Being memorable is all you can ask for in direct mail marketing. You want the customer to remember your content so they’re more likely to choose your services.

Unfortunately, emails always have the same format and aren’t memorable. You can change the font, but the email will still show up in a box.

5. Boosts Local Marketing

Are you an independent business owner in your community? Do you have a brick-and-mortar store? Direct mail marketing is crucial for local businesses.

If your consumers are the people that live in your city, direct marketing is just as important as digital. Yes, your website and social presence are still important. But, direct mail connects you to local customers in a real and emotional way.

You can tailor your direct mail to specifically target your community. When consumers are narrowly targeted, they feel more understood and appreciated. Being located in the same area is something you have in common with your consumers.

Use your direct mail marketing to invite local consumers to events and promotions. Give them a discount if they bring in the mail you sent them.

6. Quantifiable Data

Digital analytics are confusing for the average business owner. You usually need a digital marketing specialist to translate the analytics. Then, deciding how to curate your next campaign based on those analytics is a challenge.

With direct mail, you get comprehensive quantifiable data. No confusing analytics programs. No need for a specialist.

Since direct mail in the USA has been around for nearly 50 years, there’s lots of historical data. You can see what’s worked well for others and what hasn’t.

Keep track of how many customers use the promo code on your direct mail. Or, go to your landing page URL that’s only given to direct mail customers. If your direct mail numbers are low, you know you need to make some changes.

7. Easy to Design Campaigns

You don’t need to know how to code or use Photoshop to create an awesome direct mail campaign. If you can make a flyer and print it out, you’re golden.

Any budget can afford direct mail. But, the price you pay affects the quality and quantity of pieces sent.

It’s smart to pay a bit more for better quality direct mail. Like we mentioned above, consumers remember mail that was unique.

Consider investing in a letter folding machine for crisp and perfect folds. Opt for the colored ink. Choose thicker, higher quality paper.

Text should be clear and easy to understand. Customers shouldn’t have to search for what you’re brand is about. If they have to spend time searching, they’ll throw it out.

Are Your Ready to Start Direct Mail Marketing?

We live in a very digital and electronic age. But, don’t let that distract you from traditional marketing methods that work. Direct mail marketing was and still is successful.

Use an integrated marketing model that uses both direct and digital mail. Focusing completely on one or the other won’t yield as many results as using both.

The key is to create captivating and compelling direct mail. For that, you need a great design. A quality paper folding machine brings your design to life.

For full reviews of which paper folding machines are best suited for your needs, check out the blog.

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