4 Ways to Market Your Business: Letter Folding Machines and More

Every day we have an influx of digital marketing and constant spamming emails. Small businesses are known to spend upwards of 46 million on digital advertising.

Personalizing your marketing and implementing creative ideas is a plus for businesses looking to stand out. Among the competition, a business with a personal touch will help build a loyal fanbase. This short guide will give you 4 creative marketing ideas.

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Print Materials & Letter Folding Machines

Direct print marketing can ensure your business communicates directly with its customer fan base. This can include brochures, flyers, and even personal zines that you can distribute.

When dealing with digital marketing, messages sent can involve unnecessary clutter from spam. By using these print materials can grow your business and draw customers in through a memorable experience.

You can rent Letter Folding Machines to help your business build a routine mailing list. Letterheads and business cards can be sent via a mailing list. You can send letters through an automated process to enhance ROI.

Requesting Reviews & Referrals

A foolproof way of expanding your business is to build a collection of positive reviews. It’s a great way for customers to gain a good first impression.

These reviews can also offer techniques to help improve the aspects of your business that need attention.

You can also tie these reviews to social media pages and include them in letters. The personal referral will also help increase the customer base.

Follow-Up Coupons & Prizes

You can reward your customers with different coupons offering discounts for future purchases. Offering a discount or coupon for their next product raises the possibility of gaining new purchases.

Offering a personal print-made discount or coupon code for redemption can ensure customer sales increase. It can also secure the coupon code itself and avoid errors in processing and distributing the codes.

Printing out pictures of other products or services onto a business card or brochure can showcase your collection. Customers won’t need to visit your site or store to get an idea of what your company sells.

Some companies offer candy or thank-you notes as well as coupons. This can give the customer the feeling that they are getting more bang for their buck!

Packaging Inserts & More

Discovering your customer’s habits through analytics can help inform your decisions. However, whenever you add a small item to your order, it can give a positive touch without any prior knowledge of the customer themselves.

These small little details can add to the unboxing experiences. It can not only add value to the delivery but can include directions. You can add an interesting fold to a letter and create an unboxing experience.

These small figures or hand-written notes provide a nice addition to any product. Personal how-to manuals and giving thanks in these letters add a personal touch to your shipments.

Ways to Market Your Business

These creative ways to market your business are not only cheaper but create a unique atmosphere. Direct advertising gives a personal touch to your business.

This touch builds trust between your customers and your business. If they feel a sense of community, they will continue to return to your products or services.

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