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5 Reasons Your Business Should Invest In an Automatic Paper Folding Machine

An automatic paper folder machine can save time and money. Consider these 5 reasons your business should invest in one ASAP.

Buying an automatic paper folder isn’t the first thing most businesses think of as the answer to their burning problems. But think about how much time your staff waste on folding?

Whether it’s folding letters to send out to people, flyers for distribution, or even if you’re trying to save space, there’s always a need for an automatic paper folding machine in the workplace.

So to make things clearer, we’ve compiled 5 reasons you should invest in an automatic paper folding machine as soon as possible:

1. Streamline Your Workforce

It’s one of the most obvious benefits of paper folding machines. But by automating your paper folding process, you can save a significant sum of money by reducing your labor costs.

You will, of course, need someone to operate the machine. Still, you’ll find that one person can also operate many machines, reducing the costs further in a larger setting.

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If it’s more important for you to keep your employees and you always feel short-staffed, then it’s a great opportunity to restructure your workforce use their skill sets in a different part of the business, without the costs of onboarding extra team members.

2. Money-Saving Opportunities

An automatic paper folding machine can also save your business money in the form of reduced mailings, postage, storage, and shredding costs.

Firstly, your team can fold the papers in a more condensed manner. That means cheaper postage costs, as you’ll find you can fit documents inside a smaller envelope.

You might also find that by folding old documents lying around, you’ll reduce the amount of time spent shredding paperwork, especially if you have large amounts to get through.

3. Speed Up Existing Folding Processes

Folding machines do not only cut repetitive, manual work, but they also make the paper folding process faster and easier for your employees. Not only does this mean better productivity from your team, but it also means you can fold at a much faster rate. This is particularly useful if you distribute in bulk, such as mailing and flyering.

4. Improve the Quality of the Fold

It may not have crossed your mind, but a high-quality paper fold can give a completely different impression to an awkward hand-fold. This first impression is most important in professional office work, such as legal or medical papers, letters, and other documentation sent out and distributed.

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Paper-fold psychology has even been studied at an academic level, so it’s something to take more seriously than you first think!

5. Space-Saving Exercise

If you don’t already fold papers, you can use a folder to condense old documents and store them more compactly. This is particularly useful if you have a significant number of invoices or other bits of paperwork that must exist on file for years for legal reasons. You’ll find you have more space than ever and your workplace will feel bigger.

An Automatic Paper Folding Machine is Excellent Value

As you can see, there are some real advantages to investing in an automatic paper folding machine, and it goes way beyond the obvious of time and money. If you’re still not sure, then you can read more about the benefits of using a paper folder here or see how it works here.

So if you’re in the market for saving money, then get a quote for any of the types of paper folding machines for business we sell today and see how we can save you time and money!

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