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5 Ways to Grow Your Business With a Letter Folder and Stuffing Machine

What can a letter folder and envelope stuffing machine do to expand the opportunities and success of your business? Here are 5 benefits your office will enjoy by purchasing a letter stuffing machine.

Despite the increasing digitization of our world, print is far from dead. Sending business communications by print can give you a leg up, as 56% of consumers believe print to be the most trustworthy marketing channel.

Folding letters and stuffing them into envelopes is a time-consuming and monotonous task that you and your employees likely dread if you already do it and are not eager to start if you don’t currently send business mail.

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A letter folder and stuffing machine is the perfect automation tool to assist with business mail. Keep reading to learn five ways a commercial letter stuffing machine can help grow your business.

1. Speed

It takes at least a minute for a human to fold a letter neatly and carefully and stuff it into an envelope. The length of time it takes to avoid mistakes will increase as fatigue sets in. Let’s face it. Letter folding is an exhausting and monotonous task.

If you need to send out 500 letters, it will take one employee more than one workday to finish preparing them. A letter stuffing machine can accomplish the same task much more quickly, and even keep working while everyone’s out of the office.

2. Accuracy

Humans are prone to errors. If you have employees stuff your letters, some customers may end up with the wrong letters.

A letter folding machine is programmed to match each letter with its corresponding envelope. They can fold more than one piece of paper to place into each envelope as well. Some can even do this using barcodes.

3. Money Savings

Let’s think back to that employee taking more than one eight-hour workday to fold 500 letters and stuff them into envelopes. That would mean paying that person more than one day’s salary to stuff envelopes.

NeoPost DS-90i Paper Folding Machine

A letter folding machine is an upfront investment, but it will save you money in the long run by allowing you to pay your employees to do more meaningful and valuable work instead.

4. Professionalism and Security

When people fold letters, the folds sometimes end up uneven, crooked, or not very crisp. Letter folder and stuffing machines produce uniform, crisp folds every time. All of your mail will look more professional.

There are also additional security features available with some machines, like cameras that record the names on each letter and each envelope to ensure confidentiality.

5. Make More Money

Direct mail is one of the most effective ways to advertise. Whether you choose to insert an additional advertising page with business mailers you already send out or send out extra marketing materials, a letter folder will increase your marketing reach.

NeoPost DS 85 Screenshots of Features

Find the Right Letter Folder and Stuffing Machine

By saving you time and money and helping you advertise more efficiently, a letter folder and stuffing machine can help grow your business. There are many options for different machines depending on your business’ needs.

Get a quote based on exactly what you need from a letter stuffing machine and start growing your business with direct mail.

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